Contemporary Figurative Expressionism is a broad movement in art that seeks to translate the intangible through recognizable living subjects. Most artists focus on athletics. Sal however is open to any happening that articulates a quintessential moment in life, within which the participants lose themselves while becoming one with the flow of time and creation.

Sal has lived, exhibited and prospered as a fine arts professional in London, the America’s Central East Coast, and is currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has juried into membership of numerous art societies and been a finalist in several juried exhibitions. As a teacher he has taught students of all ages from preschool to college and worked with both privileged and at risk populations. As a Graduate Teaching Fellow and while teaching at EHWLC in London his instruction focused on introductory courses.

Starting as a traditional portrait painter, Sal’s work has grown into his mature style by focusing on the intrinsic unseen qualities of life found in people who are lost in action and full of vitality. Those unseen qualities inspire the flowing energy and colors both envelop and radiate from his subjects. His work has become an amalgamation of abstraction and observation, where both the subject and their surroundings create a harmonious visual rhythm. When done well life is art and art is life.